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SafeTbag started load test of Lifting Equipments,cranes with water bags 2013. SafeTbag is also a partner company of SafeTmade which is manufacturer of water bags. SafeTbag became a sector leader in a short time for load tests market with the help of their commitment to customer satisfaction and research&development studies. SafeTbag is also representative of selling load testing water bags, air lifting bags, towable bladder & carriage bags, oil booms and buoy bags manufactured by SafeTmade. SafeTbag is also located in Istanbul, Rotterdam, Norway to service load test of Lifting Equipments,cranes with water bags.

Ercan Hacifettahoglu
Ercan Hacifettahoglu

General Manager

Graduated from Ordu Maritime School in 1980 and completed his internship in Ege, Karadeniz and Samsun vessels.Started working as an officer on vessels in 1981,and worked in different vessels during his career as an officer for 22 years, as a master during the last 9 years. Focused on Safe Working Load and Photoluminescent applications. In 1999 established a company named “Caglayan Maritime Service”, in 2002 ended his career on vessels and started serving vessels and maritime companies. Received authorization from the Turkish Maritime Undersecretariat with 2 certificates to achieve the Safe Working Load and Life Saving Appliances tests and became a pioneer. Started manufacturing the testing equipments for their own use of all different test types under the brand "Safetbag" since 2009.

Tolga Kimis
Tolga Kimis

Technical Service Engineer

He started the maritime industry in 2004 at Istanbul Pendik Anatolian maritime vocational high school shipbuilding department. He completed his high school internship at Torlak Shipyard and Kıran Shipyard in İstanbul . He continued his education at Varna Technical University in the section of naval architect and marine engineer and graduated. He completed his university internship in Gemak shipyard in İstanbul . He started to worked the mechanics department at Shipyard Famagusta company in Cyprus . And he started to work as a technical service engineer in Safetbag's Istanbul office in 2015. By 2018 he was transferred to Safetmade Europe B.V. Rotterdam office in the Netherlands as a technical service engineer and he is continuing his business life in the Netherlands.

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