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Ercan Hacıfettahoglu - Master

   Founder & Managing Director
Ercan Hacıfettahoglu

He completed his primary and elemantary education in Trabzon. He graduated from Ordu Maritime School in 1980. He completed his internship in Ege, Karadeniz and Samsun vessels.   He started working as an officer on vessels in 1981.   He worked in different vessels during his career as an officer at vessels for 22 years.He worked as a master during the last 9 years of his career. During his career as a chief officer and masters, he worked on Safe Working Load and Photoluminescent applications. Also translated written and digital sources into Turkish about these subjects.   In 1999 he established a company named “Caglayan Maritime Service”. In 2002 he ended his career on vessels and start serving vessels and maritime companies.   In 2002 he requested authorization from the Turkish Maritime Undersecretariat for safe working load tests and become a pioneer. Undersecretariat accepted the request and granted them the authorization with 2 certificates to achieve the Safe Working Load and Life Saving Appliances tests for Turkish and other flagged vessels.    Then his company started manufacturing the neccessary equipment for their own use. They manufactured different equipment for all different test types and started selling them with the brand name Safetbag   In 2009 he established a new company, "Safetmade Marine Products" to allocate manufacturing and service departments.   In 2010 he established a new company in Rotterdam/Netherlands named "Safetbag Maritime Services BV"   In November 2011 he decided to withdraw from service business and sold Caglayan Maritime Service & Safetbag Maritime Services BV.   He is married and has two children.

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