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SAFETBAG's main goal is customer satisfaction. Main objective of this form is to advance our service as well as keeping our customers satisfied. The most important feedback to reach our goal is our customer's thoughts. We thank you for your spare time to fill this form that will help us improve our services.

Evaluation : 1:Disagree 2:Partially Agree 3:Agree

Evaluation Questionnaire

How did you find our company? : From Market Web Site Recommendation Advertisements/presentation

1.As we required, we have contacted with an authorized person in a short period : 1 2 3
2.Our inquries by fax or e-mail, have been replied in a short period. : 1 2 3
3.We had enough information and back up about technical subjects. : 1 2 3
4.Customer expectations have been taken into consideration, during servicing process. : 1 2 3
5.Our service orders completed correctly without any deficiencies. : 1 2 3
6.We recevied our order completely without any defects. : 1 2 3
7.Probable problems during service have been solved quickly. : 1 2 3
8.Problems and complaints have been taken care quickly. : 1 2 3
9.Customer complaints have been considered. : 1 2 3
What are your expectations about service and quality of our products ?

Please complete this document and send us for evaluation.

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